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04/06/2012 - Because planning and zoning concepts can often be confusing to the public, we are creating a library of short videos that can be added to a municipality's website. "Comprehensive Plans" is now available and describes what comprehensive plans are all about and why citizen involvement is important. Upcoming releases include "Tax Increment Financing" and "Conservation Subdivision Design." For now, videos are offered as part of your core subscription package. So take advantage of this new way to communicate with your constituents.
04/06/2012 - Image Books is a new feature that displays images in a slideshow format. We have developed three templates that can be added to a user's site and further customized. They include Parking Screens, Low Impact Design, and Parking Lot Design. We hope to add Traffic Calming Techniques in the near future. As with other page types, you can also start from scratch to create one that fits your needs. You can create any number of text or graphic links to any of the Image Books on your site.
10/12/2011 - With the release of version 1.2, users now have another page style to add to their websites. Booklets are designed to allow grouping of text-based content into one or two groups. We've added several templates using this new page style. To view how they work, go to the Sample Website and view 'Boards and Commissions' under 'Meetings and Boards' and also 'Featured Development Projects' and 'Select Redevelopment Opportunities' under 'Economic Development.' More booklet templates are in the works. Of course, you can always build a booklet from scratch to suit your needs.
08/14/2011 - We've released version 1.1, which primarily upgrades the page management functionality in the content management system (CMS). Pages and directories are now managed using a simple tree diagram.
07/16/2011 - We're hard at work on version 1.1, which will include a number of enhancements designed to improve the content management system (CMS) and the look of the websites. The big news is a totally redesigned webpage management interface. It will be more user friendly and a single point of control.
05/16/2011 - Our team of community planners and IT specialists have begun developing a "development wizard" template. A municipality can use this template to formulate a series of questions that an end-user can utilize to identify the issues that relate to the use or development of a particular property in the community. Even though development of a user-friendly interface will be challenging, Justyn, our lead web designer and database manager, is up for the challenge. Periodic updates will be posted as we continue to make progress. Because not every municipality will have the need to utilize this new template, it will be offered as an advanced module.
05/16/2011 - We started working on a new template entitled "Calendar." A municipality can use this to post important meeting dates and other events to a graphic interface. Completion is anticipated by June 3, 2011.
05/16/2011 - Our development team finished up a new template entitled "News & Events." It is part of the core package and can be downloaded. In Portal Management, go to "Pages" under "Manage Portal." Click on "New Page" and follow the prompts.
04/29/2011 - The template for "Definitions" is now available. Be sure to check out how terms and definitions can be grouped into categories you define. With this feature, an end user will not have to view all of the definitions, when they are only interested in those that deal with signs, for example.
03/05/2011 - Our development team is working on a new template entitled "News & Events." Deployment is anticipated by June, 2011. After that is done, we have plans to develop a new template for posting events to a calendar.

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