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Simplex makes building your website easy by creating templates that you can easily import. Most are included in the Core Package, but some are offered as an advanced module. New templates are being developed and will be added when they become available – so check back often.

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Core Package
Land Use Matrix          
District Matrix          
Official Code          
Zoning Map          
Supplemental Forms          
Related Links          
Event Calendar           New Item New
Development Applications           New Item New
Code Interpretations          
Ordinary High-Water Marks           New Item New
What's New          
Annexations           New Item New
Land Divisions           New Item New
Wetland Delineations           New Item New
Boards and Commissions           New Item New
Plans and Special Projects           New Item New
Featured Development Projects           New Item New
Redevelopment Opportunities           New Item New
Definitions - Land Use           New Item New
Map Viewer           New Item New
Advanced Modules
Comment Form           New Item New
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