Our goal is to be one step ahead of your needs.

Increase the transparency of the development review process and how decisions are made.

  Web-based solution No software is needed and updates are transparent.

  Branding Customize your website as a stand-alone site or integrate it into your community’s website – add a logo, select color themes, and more.

  Scalable Build a simple or robust website, or something in between. Add new functionality as you need it.

  Cost The cost of the core package is based on the population of the municipality and advanced modules are offered on a per unit basis without regard to population.

  Proven web design Take advantage of a proven website architecture to help your constituents easily find the information they want.

  Risk-free trial Set up a temporary account – its free – and test Simplex for yourself. We know you’ll be pleased.

  Multi-browser capability Your website will be compatible with the most popular web browsers.

  Security Your website is safely hosted on our servers which are backed daily.

  Quick deployment Build and deploy your website quickly so that you can focus on your department's core services. Add more functionality as time permits.

  Multiple formats Post your land development code in multiple formats and focus on the key elements of the code.

  Single portal management interface Control the structure of your website and the content in the same interface.

  Easy site administration Built-in content management features help you manage your website. No technical knowledge is required.

  Customer support Our support staff includes both community planners and IT specialists – we’re ready to help you.

  Easy upgrades Upgrade online at any time – at renewal or during the subscription period – it’s up to you.

  Document management Archive superseded documents related to your land development code such as zoning maps and more.

  Useful resources Use the online supplemental resources to help manage your land development code and keep it up-to-date and if you want, on the cutting edge.

  Task reporting Use a built-in task reporting function to track changes to the structure or content of your website.

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