Seven Steps

A step-by-step approach from start to finish.

Help end users understand the “in and outs” of your land development code.

1. Test drive Simplex Code Manager  
  View the templates - go to Available Templates under Overview. They’ll save you valuable time and help to get your website up and running sooner. Remember, most of the templates can be further customized to fit your needs.  
  Tour the sample website - go to Sample Website under Overview. Our sample shows what is possible and the simple user interface.

2. Evaluate your options for sharing your land development code online
  Do nothing. (Is that really an option?)
  Post a static copy of your code online. (Good start, but you could do more.)
  Pay a private vendor to create and maintain your code in a streaming text format. (That’s good too, but it’s costly and code updates are done when the vendor can get to them.)
  Go to the next step.

3. Establish an account
  Create either a temporary account or a regular account. It should take less than four minutes. (Okay, five if you let the dog out.)

4. Assess your needs
  Evaluate your short-term and long-term needs. Do you want a simple website as a starting point, or do you want a robust site out of the box?
  Identify those templates you would like to use.

5. Create website
  Log in to your account using your credentials.
  Check out FAQ and How To under Help.
  Invite other people who can help develop your website and keep it up-to-date.
  Create the design of your website by selecting an overall style and adding the logo of your municipality.
  Import one or all of the available templates – most can be changed if you’d like.
  Add one or more custom pages using the wizard.
  Populate your website with your content, including text, photos, graphics, document files, and audio files.
  Conduct an internal review before deploying your website. Invite others to test drive the site before going online.

6. Deploy website
  Change the status of your website from 'offline' to 'online.' It’s that easy.
  Send a press release to the local media to help announce the deployment of your new site. (We even have a template that you can use.)
  Send an email to local officials, plan commission members, and those who frequently use your municipality's land development code including builders, developers, real estate agents, appraisers, architects, engineers, and land planners. (And yes, we have a template for that too.)

7. Manage website
  Modify the website’s functionality to meet your changing needs.
  Manage your content; when you want.
  Add more functionality, if you’d like. We’re adding more templates all the time.  

Common Questions

Q:  How much does Simplex cost?
A:  The cost for the core package is based on the population of the municipality. A municipality can also subscribe to additional advanced modules for a flat rate or add additional storage space. For the current fee schedule go to 'Subscription Rates' under 'Overview.'

Q:  Do I need to know how to create websites to use Simplex?
A:  No. Simplex has been set up so that you can create a website with no or little experience in website design. Users should however have basic computer skills. Wizards and online help are intended to take you step-by-step through the process of creating and maintaining your portal.

Q:  Who controls the content on the website?
A:  The account holder controls what information is posted on the municipality’s website.

Q:  How much support time is included with a subscription?
A:  Although Simplex is designed to allow a person with little training in website design to create a website on their own, we realize that questions may arise as you set up or maintain your portal. Technical support is available.

Q:  What types of subscriptions are available?
A:  There are two types of accounts: temporary and regular. A temporary account is free – how cool is that? A regular account is a paid subscription and allows you to create a website and then deploy it for all to see and use.

Q:  Do I need to install software on my computer to use Simplex Code Manager?
A:  No. Because Simplex Code Manager is a web-based service, you will not need to install software on your computer. One of the benefits of using this platform is that we are able to make improvements with immediate deployment.

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