Civic Webware creates tools to help you excel and do more.

Create a repository of information that will become even more valuable over time.

Civic Webware was formed to develop and deploy tools that community planners can use to help them do their work more effectively. Tim Schwecke, AICP, the founder of Civic Webware, also founded Civi Tek Consulting, a consulting firm that provides a full range of municipal planning services. Civi Tek is located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin about halfway between Milwaukee and Madison.

In addition to Simplex Code Manager, we are developing a number of related products and services. We are excited about the future and what it holds - so stay tuned.

Business Partners
Civic Webware has developed long-term business relationships with experts in various areas. Most notably, we team with Dane Solutions for our programming and software development needs and Adesys helped build our website. Adunate Word & Design helps manage our website content and marketing efforts. We owe a lot of our success to our business partners.


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